EA eyeing two million Star Wars subscribers, pricing model may include “twists”

EA is looking to gain up to two million subscribers for the BioWare-developed Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.

Coming from a recent meeting with EA, the analyst reports that even though the company’s earnings are “somewhat depressed due to ongoing expenses” of the MMO’s development, “management has high hopes for [the title] and believes 2M+ subs is possible.”

A little over a million subscribers is needed to actually break even on the project, Bhatia also reports, but several million is said to be the ultimate goal.

The game is expected to launch next spring, but what kind of a subscription model it will go with has not been revealed yet; BioWare’s general manager Ray Muzyka however hints that they may introduce “some twists” to the traditional business model.