Sega: Natal to see “brilliant innovations”

Sega’s Mike Hayes expects the next few years to bring “brilliant innovations” for Microsoft’s Project Natal. In fact, a mere month and a half worth of work at Sega’s Japanese studio has already produced results he has high praise for.

“We asked our Japanese studio to create something … they had a brilliant prototype up and running within six weeks,” he said in a recent interview. “I mean a genuinely entertaining prototype you could just play.”

As for products released in the coming years, “My guess is that in the next two years plus, you’ll see some brilliant innovations.”

“We’re experimenting at the moment and it will take us a long time to get a fully commercially acceptable game that has that kind of application. However, we haven’t seen what first party have yet. They could come in and blow us all away with their innovations.”

Sega will be showing off at least one Natal title at E3 in June, Hayes adds, the very same he referred to as “brilliant” above.