Valve considers Steam’s arrival on OS X to be service’s “biggest event”

You may have already heard that Steam is arriving on Mac this April, terrific news for anyone who has encountered the dilemma of an acquired fondness for both Valve’s games and Apple’s Macs. Reassuringly Valve is taking the port and launch pretty darned seriously. With multiple teams’ input ensuring a worthwhile endeavor, Valve are regarding it “to be the biggest event in Steam’s history since the service was first launched”.

Valve’s director of Steam development, John Cook, mentions that encouraging input from third party publishers is “one of the primary goals” for the service’s future, noting that they are presently “having discussions with all the 1,000 publishers and developers currently offering their games on Steam”.

Given their past successes, Valve is deservedly optimistic of Steam’s growth on the Mac, regarding it to be “a similar, but much shorter, process” when compared to the service’s expansion on PC.