Blur delay did not affect Bizarre’s two other games

It would be easy to imagine that a developer who had to push back a major title would devote all available resources towards getting the thing out the door. Bizarre Creations begs to differ, and even ups the ante by also working on two additional titles. Take that, you imagining know-it-alls.

Ged Talbot, co-lead designer on Blur, said recently that the racing game’s delay hasn’t interfered with the studio’s other projects because all that’s going on is “polishing what’s there and adding extra functionality.”

“We do have a couple of other projects on the go and they haven’t been restricted or slowed down by what we’re doing. It’s not like we needed the rest of the company to help us,” he said.

“The team that make the shooters are still making their game and we’ve got another team who are busy doing stuff as well. Other than that the team that made the PGR games is the same team that’s making Blur.”