GameStop COO has little faith in EA’s Ten Dollar project

Game companies just aren’t trying hard enough to dissuade pre-owned purchasing. At least, that’s what GameStop COO Paul Raines thinks about Electronic Arts’ “Ten Dollar” project. “Ten Dollar” is focused on making special downloadable content available for free to those gamers who purchase new versions of their games. However, when looking at the financials, Raines doesn’t think “Ten Dollar” provides a lot of incentive: “Through our years in the used business we have learned that the second-hand user is a value-oriented consumer. The average price of a used Xbox [360] game is twenty dollars, so we don’t believe that a ten-dollar add-on piece of downloadable content is compelling to a used-game buyer.”

The GameStop exec doesn’t think all is lost, though – he suggests that companies start offering targeted, inexpensive DLC to match the lower prices of pre-owned titles. He also spoke of the game retailer’s plans to become a conduit for DLC distribution: “GameStop will also assist in expanding the sales of DLC as we can market and execute the sale right in our stores to the millions of customers coming through our doors.”