Molyneux: Meeting the player “changes everything”

Game designer and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux believes we may be in for ‘game changing’ times.

“I really think that in the next two to three years we can start seeing stuff from everybody … that just changes our whole thought of what a game is,” he said in an interview conducted last week. “And actually that’s part of the problem; the word ‘game’ sounds so trivial compared to what we’re really trying to do.”

“We’re just at the point where we are smart enough to start creating characters that can meet you,” he explained. “Now just think about that just for one moment; imagine a character on that screen that meets you and engages with you and sees you and has empathy with you [remind you of anyone?].”

“That changes everything, man,” he continued, “it really does change everything because there isn’t any narrative arts or character development that is being defined in the movie industry. We will be something totally new and totally different. And I truly believe that when we get experiences where you feel that you as a player are noticed then I think we’re gonna get stuff we have never even dreamed about.”