Lost Planet 2 is “very much Capcom’s style”

Yesterday morning Capcom took TVGB into the darkest corner of London to get in some serious play time with their upcoming Lost Planet 2. In between all the shooting and giant robot smashing we squeezed in a few questions with Leo Tan, the UK PR manager for the publisher.

The first thing to notice about the game, as with the original Lost Planet, was the difference in how it’s controlled and presented on a whole. We asked Leo for his thoughts on the fact.

“It’s not our goal to make a game that’s like every other game that’s out there,” he said, “we generally make most of our design decisions from scratch. The first Lost Planet did things that were very different, and Lost Planet 2 carries on that tradition.”

“I think that’s very much Capcom’s style,” he said of the company’s approach.