Brad Wardell’s next job: mod maker

Brad Wardell is no stranger when it comes to the benefits of the PC platform. The Stardock CEO has taken a stab at digital distribution and appealed to gamers everywhere with the Gamer’s Bill of Rights. With all of that currently on his public resume, Wardell feels it’s time to “kind of take a sabbatical,” from his position at Stardock after the release of their upcoming title, Elemental: War of Magic to become a modder for that very game.

While this most likely won’t mean that someone else will take over as head of Stardock, users everywhere should soon get a peek into the design mentality of the CEO. “I really would like to see modding of PC games to become more mainstream as they are one of the big advantages they have over consoles,” Wardell said. He won’t be playing favorites with his own games however, as he also plans on modding for Civilization V when it comes out.