Square Enix “to explore the possibility” of a FF7 remake

Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada has said that the company is “going to explore the possibility” of creating a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Speaking at a recent Final Fantasy XIII launch party, the president and CEO told Siliconera, “We’re going to explore the possibility – whether or not we’re going to do it, if we’re going to do it, and the platform.”

A remake of the classic title has been on fans’ minds and wish lists for quite a while now, with Square Enix reps being forced to comment on the possibility in the past; last summer FF13 producer Yoshinori Kitase hinted that news on the oft-requested remake would perhaps arrive at a later time, and more recently followed that up with: “If we were to recreate FFVII with the same level of graphical detail as you see in FFXIII, we’d imagine that that would take as much as three or four times longer than the three and a half years it has taken to put [FF13] together,” suggesting that should a remake indeed happen, Square may take a non-HD approach.