Fable III to have episodic DLC

If nothing else, Peter Molyneux has a great imagination. To glean the idea for post-launch episodic DLC in Fable III by thinking it would be “brilliant to be walking through Charles Dickens’ London. It was such a dark place and very episodic,” makes us wonder just what else is tumbling around up there.

“We’ll give you the first big episodes, and you’ll be able to download new episodes, which is analogous to the way Dickens wrote,” Molyneux continues. “Some of the shops in Albion are linked to the internet and every so often populated by stuff from Lionhead. You don’t have to go out to some horrible dashboard and download the Armageddon Pack 5.”

Molyneux also touched on how Natal would play a role in Fable III, hitting shelves later this year. While we will still need a controller to play, the interaction with the motion control device will take place “where it’s cute, funny, engaging. You don’t need it but it does enable an enhanced Fable III.”