First Nintendo 3DS details emerge from Japan

Here’s some unconfirmed details on Nintendo’s newly-announced 3DS, courtesy of some trustworthy Japanese publications (and via Engadget).

According to Asahi, the handheld will achieve its 3D effect thanks to a “parallax barrier LCD” screen from Sharp. These work by showing different images at different angles, apparently. Nikkei says the 3DS’s will be a whopping 4 inches diagonally, only marginally smaller than the DSi XL’s 4.2 inches.

Nikkei also mention “3D control sticks” — likely dual analogue nubs — as well as an improved battery life, a vibration function and better Wi-Fi transfers.

Nintendo’s new handheld was announced earlier today, with a release confirmed for around March 2011. 3DS is still a temporary name, by the way. More information is promised for E3.