Hollywood interested in Mario, Zelda and Metroid

According to Nintendo of America’s boss Reggie Fils-Aime, the box office bomb that was Super Mario Bros. hasn’t dulled Hollywood’s desire to tap the company’s well of iconic characters.

Nintendo has interested parties inquiring about movie rights to Mario, Zelda and Metroid “all the time,” revealed Fils-Aime in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Not that Hoskins should break out the ‘stache wax quite yet. The game making giant is understandably wary of another movie venture based on one of their much-beloved properties, despite Dennis Hopper’s tour de force performance as King Koopa.

“The message is, ‘Thank you for the interest,'” he said of Nintendo’s response to producers. “There have been certain [people] that we have talked in more detail with. But I think in the end, because we are a content company and are passionate about our franchises, it will be few and far between that actual deals are done to bring our franchises to life in a different way. These are our children.”

So, Super Mario Bros. was just a case of an otherwise protective parent leaving their child with the “creepy uncle” for the weekend?