The Red Star now on PSN, iPhone version bumped to “later this year”

Earlier this month, XS Games announced that the underappreciated gem known as The Red Star would be making a return on both the PSP and the iPhone sometime this spring. Well, it’s spring, and the game has been released on PSN for $14.99. That seems a little steep since the game debuted three years ago at $20, but if you have a buddy with a PSP who’d be down for walking right and kicking ass for a few hours, you’ll get $15 worth of fun out of it for sure. My roommate and I started it back up last night and it still reeks of awesomeness.

While the PSP version is out, the iPhone version did not accompany its release. XS games says the game will be on the Jesus phone sometime this year, which could still mean this spring, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.