Players decide if Red Steel 3 gets made

As the uncle of a certain web-slinging super hero said, with power comes great responsibility. It appears that the power to determine whether or not Red Steel 3 gets made relies on how well players embrace Red Steel 2.

In a recent interview, creative director Jason VandenBerghe clears the air about some earlier comments he made referring to Red Steel 2‘s pending success or failure, as well as the future of the series. “Red Steel 2 isn’t really a ‘do-or-die’ situation. What I meant by my comments was that the desire to make another game in the series will depend on whether or not Red Steel 2 is a success.”

VanderBerghe goes on to explain that it would essentially be fruitless for a Red Steel 3 to be made if no one buys the second installment, “Fact is, that’s always true. If the fans don’t want us to make a sequel, we generally won’t. See, because we know they won’t buy it. Which is sort of the point. So, in that way, this situation isn’t really all that different from any other first or second releases in a franchise.”