“All options are open,” Bungie says of PS3 development

Bungie remains undecided on whether or not they’ll start developing for the PlayStation 3; After gaining their independence from Microsoft in 2007, the Halo developer has been free to develop for systems other than the Xbox 360 but has so far made no concrete announcements one way or the other.

And they’re not about to start now; “all options are open,” community director Brian Jarrard has once again said.

“In terms of platform, I know these things are all still pending topics in the studio,” he told IndustryGamers. “It hasn’t gotten to the point where we’re unable to do great work and we’re moving forward. Things are definitely coming together though.”

He continued: “We definitely have plans in the works, and I think we’re really close to understanding of what is next and who, what, when, where, that’s all going to land. But we’re not looking at one particular piece of technology right now.”

“All options are open right now,” he added, “so long as we find the best possible fit for our creative vision and what this project is going to be.”