Cel-shaded Prince of Persia “not abandoned”

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands‘ animation director Jan-Erik Sjovall says 2008’s more casual, cel-shaded approach to the franchise may get a follow-up.

Ubisoft stands behind the title and has “not abandoned” the fresh approach, he says, but admits that whether or not we see a sequel is ultimately a business decision above his pay grade.

“I’m still behind a lot of the decisions that were made for 2008 because they were fresh,” Sjovall said in a recent interview. “It was a new approach, and I have no issues having a beautiful woman hold my hands every once in a while. But it was interesting to see the reactions of players, and to hear the feedback.”

“I’m not sure what the plans are, but I know that Ubisoft is still standing behind that game,” he continued. “We’re just trying to do something that was the original plan, to next-gennify the original trilogy. It comes at a convenient time, I’d say, but it was the original plan to do this. It’s just basically been pushed with the convenient release date, it means nothing for the other title.”

“We have to look at how many Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed, similar types of adventure title can be in our catalogue. I’m an animation director, that’s way beyond my thing. But it’s a business decision, they have to figure out what they want to do with the IP.”

“It’s not abandoned,” he finally said. “What I liked about Prince of Persia 2008 was that it appealed to women a lot. We have to bring more women into the games industry, it’s a male audience. And then all of a sudden you have a game like Prince 2008 where all the female journalists, all the female gamers come out and say “I love this game!”. How is it that males don’t like this game? It’s bizarre. The gaming industry has nothing really controversial going on, but that was close. It was polarising the audience.”