Dante’s Inferno DLC adds co-op, level editor, warm fuzzies

Dante’s Inferno has been on quite a journey as of late; altered for television, admired by other game makers, and called too dark for the silver screen. Now the rumored Trials of St. Lucia DLC is coming to fruition and Greg Rizzer, the game’s lead designer, takes a moment to talk about what we’ll get in return for our $9.99/800 Microsoft Points on April 29.

Using a built-in level editor, Rizzer hopes the user created levels will “foster a sense of community.”

“When you create the trials, people can rate it and there will be leaderboards where the community can get involved and earn points and medals for trying other user’s stuff. There is also a milestone system, where you play a level 5-10 times you get a milestone.”

The DLC will also give us the ability to get in on some co-op action. Rizzer admits that while it is not split screen, the co-op will be fun and that it “brings a new component to the content.”