Modern Warfare 2 DLC “a worthwhile investment,” IW “loves” BFBC2

Infinity Ward community man Robert Bowling believes that Modern Warfare 2‘s upcoming Stimulus Package DLC’s 1200 Microsoft Point ($15) price tag is “definitely a worthwhile investment”.

“There’s definitely no doubt in my mind that these maps packs and the five maps are definitely worth the investment,” he says. “Anybody who buys them and then plays Modern Warfare 2 online is going to get their money’s worth out of these maps.”

“I mean, [we’re offering] five new locations to Modern Warfare 2, three of those brand new to the series and each of them offers their own unique kind of gameplay so no matter what kind of play style you are you’re going to get something out of these maps.”

Modern Warfare 2‘s current arch rival, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — a game Bowling “loves” — will also receive some downloadable content on March 30, the same day the Stimulus Package releases on Xbox Live; “a complete coincidence,” executive producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson has laughingly declared of the timing.

“They have their style of marketing and we have ours,” Bowling shruggs at this and DICE’s other pokes. “I love Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I play it, and a lot of guys here play it – and I bet a lot of their guys play our game.”

“Each to their own.”