Skipping PC version due to piracy is “giving in,” says Just Cause 2 developer

In the past, we’ve called Avalanche Studios’ CEO Christofer Sundberg a genius in the gaming industry. The title remains undisputed as he gives his peers something to think about, saying that he recommends “avoiding a PC SKU if the game is primarily a console game” but that foregoing a PC version of a game due to piracy is “just giving in.”

“The choice of developing a PC SKU is always up to the publisher,” says Sundberg. “Avoiding a platform because of piracy rather than attacking the problem is just giving in, so I’d recommend finding smart solutions to allow players the freedom needed to play our games full out and the developers and publishers getting their return of investment.”

Avalanche’s latest, Just Cause 2, launched just this week for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.