Xbox 360 USB support coming Apr. 6

It’s official. You’ll be able to use your flash drive to store Xbox 360 game data from Apr. 6.

As rumoured earlier in the month, Microsoft is releasing a firmware update allowing Xbox 360 owners to use some flash storage devices to store their digital content. So now you’ll have a new place to store that lovely sundress you bought on Xbox Live marketplace.

When we say some flash drives, what we mean is this. As previously stated, both flash cards and hard drives will be compatible, but the Xbox 360 will only utilise up to 16GB of space. What’s more, a maximum of two devices can be used. That means the update offers a potential 32GB of storage space.

Furthermore, while only drives of 1GB or bigger are supported, the free space left over on larger capacity drives can be used for other stuff. Like tentacle porn.

Microsoft is also partnering with SanDisk to release pre-configured, Xbox branded, USB flash drives.