Stargate Resistance sold off, developer all but dead

It appears the sun has set on Stargate developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment.

Following reports of financial woes going back almost a year and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last month, the studio has now lost control of Stargate Resistance, its team-based third-person shooter.

In light of the company having less than $10,000 on its back account but debts, liabilities and obligations of ~$16 million, including $1.1 million in payroll wages, control of the title has been taken over by Fresh Start Studios, a new company formed by Cheyenne shareholders which will continue to operate and support the download-only game.

Resistance was released last month in the hopes of getting financially back on track and was meant to act as a trust-building exercise between the developer and its fans.

Cheyenne’s and their Stargate Worlds MMO’s future is bleak; “game development has ceased,” informs a release on the studio’s current situation. The company owes $35,000 in rent and, as indicated by their landlord, will be locked out of their offices at midnight March 31st.

The company begun vacating the premises on Thursday.