Just how much effect did Bad Company 2 have on Modern Warfare 2?

It may still be a little too early to answer that question, but the folks over at IndustryGamers went and tried anyway. They did it by analyzing DFC Intelligence data of US players within certain time frames, and while it doesn’t seem to be any major surprise that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 didn’t topple over the juggernaut that is Modern Warfare 2, it’s interesting to read that the game “appears to have permanently impacted Modern Warfare 2 play.” If nothing else, that’s an accomplishment.

The analysis gets pretty in-depth, even making explanations for why it may be better to market to currently active players in a given game than to recently inactive ones. However, those looking for a cozy gist of everything, it’s that there was a marked sharp decline in the amount of Modern Warfare 2 players when Bad Company 2 was released, and that most of those players, 81% in fact, did actively play the former up to that point.