The MMO Round-up / March 28

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

How about a nice March update for Final Fantasy XI? Don’t mind if we do!

The bleak wasteland that is Fallen Earth celebrates six months in the armageddon. The game also opened up some test servers and detailed some upcoming changes.

The 2D platformer and steampunk-inspired MMO Remnants of Skystone launched this week.

Jack Emmert squashes the hopes for a console version of Champions Online while the Revelation content update went live for the game earlier this week.

Another developer diary video podcast for APB was released. Can you believe there have been 18 of these things?

Pre-ordering the official Aion magazine will get you special armor dyes as well as a fancy new set of wings.

Fans are mildly outraged that new Champions Online executive producer Shannon Posniewski is actually a man. Despite that, Cryptic takes the time to do a Q&A session with the newly appointed producer.

EVE Online developer CCP announced changes to their Council of Stellar Management system, virtual political hi-jinks to ensue.

Some more Final Fantasy XIV information leaked thanks to Japanese source Dengeki.

ArenaNet released another one of those concept art trailers for Guild Wars 2 and then released yet another one later in the week.

Developer En Masse plays 20 questions with fans about their upcoming MMO TERA and then released this gorgeous trailer for us all to drool over. Feels like Aion all over again.

Funcom drops a new Secret World trailer. The floating squid thing is kind of freaky, sleep well.

Free things are way awesome, and a free trial for Global Agenda is even more awesome than awesome.

That MMO your kids might be playing — Wizard 101 — released some details about its next update.

Runes of Magic shows off its new zones for the Chapter III update.

Riding the coattails of the vampire craze developer IGG announced their vampire MMO appropriately called Moonlight Online. Sounds a lot like some other IP loved by many a tween.

Line up quickly Karos Online is launching on April 9.

Turbine talks update 4 and beyond for Dungeons & Dragons Online at this year’s PAX East.