PS3 to lose Linux support

Sony have announced that come April 1st the option to install another OS on your PlayStation 3 will no longer be available. The reason for the removal has been put down to “security concerns,” perhaps adding a certain degree of credence to George Hotz’s claim that he’d successfully hacked the PS3.

Users currently running a swanky and different OS on the their PS3 can choose to opt out on the update, however, a number of features will no longer be accessible. Chief amongst these inaccessible features is the ability to sign into PlayStation Network, amounting to no more online play or chat functionality. In addition to this users will be unable to play back copyright protected video stored on a media server or play any future PS3 titles that require firmware 3.21 or higher.

I’m taking bets on how long it’ll take for an inevitably unsuccessful online petition to emerge.