Rumor / Next Call of Duty called Black Ops

Would you like some scurrilous, unfounded rumormongery about the next Call of Duty game? Of course you would!

According to a report on Tek9 (via a linkless MapModNews), the next CoD, developed by Treyarch, will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The anonymous source of the story says that the game will jump around at different points in history, with missions set in Vietnam, Cuba, South America and London. The latter is a recreation of the famous SAS Iranian Embassy siege from 1980, apparently.

The game is also rumored to feature the return of World at War ‘s zombie mode and dedicated servers for the PC release, notably absent from Modern Warfare 2.

Could all be true, of course. Parts of it – Vietnam, Cuba – certainly fit with information TVGB received last year. But that doesn’t mean it’s not completely made up nonsense. We’ll see.