Run, Jesus, Run presents the gospel in 10-seconds

God made the whole world in seven days, actually six if you consider the last day was for kicking back and admiring his handiwork, so 10-seconds seems plenty of time to cover the New Testament.

Paolo Pedercini’s Run, Jesus, Run, this month’s entry in the Experimental Gameplay Project’s series of 10-second games, is an 8-bit presentation of the Gospel, distilling the life and times of the Messiah into a series of hastily performed miracles. It starts with the still swaddling-clothed Savior leaping from the manger and ends with his crucifixion. In between, you use the left and right arrows to move and the space bar to perform miracles at the right time as you work your way through pivotal moments in Christ’s brief but bright career, including resisting Satan, resurrecting Lazarus, gathering apostles, feeding the multitude and walking on water.

Each short 10-second scene includes a reference to the pertinent Bible passage, but you don’t have to be a religious scholar to “get your miracle on,” as hammering the space bar seems to do the trick. Seems appropriate, as it wouldn’t be much of a Jesus game be without a little grace built into the mechanics.