BioWare’s community celebration to expand to non-US territories

BioWare Bazaar, the community event to celebrate 15 years of fan support the company announced yesterday, is only open to US residents — something BioWare’s non-US fans didn’t take too kindly to and made a bit of a ruckus about in the 24hrs following the announcement.

Co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have now responded; “BioWare definitely really values all members of our world-wide Community, no matter where you live. Accordingly, in the coming weeks, we will be announcing details about future events specifically for fans living in those territories which were excluded from participating in the first BioWare Bazaar,” they wrote in a letter to the community.

The duo points the finger at “last-minute legal complications” which prevented including all territories from the get go.

“We recognize that BioWare has a global community, and the Bazaar this week was originally intended to be an international event to reflect our truly global fanbase. Unfortunately, we encountered some last-minute legal complications around how contests can be structured in different parts of the world that prevented us from including all territories in this first event, even though that was our original goal,” the letter explains. “And for that, we sincerely apologize – our goal with this sort of celebration is to show all our fans worldwide how much we appreciate your support!”

The future events will be a little bit different in how they’re set up and structured, “but our goal is to feature the same caliber of awesome prizes and great BioWare collectibles.”