Flick your Wii remote forward and watch this Metroid Other M trailer

After Nintendo grabbed my jaw and pulled it all the way down to the ground with the first trailer for Metroid Other M last E3, I immediately thought that would be the last I saw of the game for a very long time. I couldn’t have been more wrong; less than a year on and we’ve got release dates, previews, and now another trailer.

This one shifts the focus to gameplay, showing us just a bit more about how we’re going to control Samus this time around. For the most part we see the bounty hunter running around some gorgeous environments, fixed cameras swooping around and above as the player holds the Wii remote sideways. Flick the remote forward however and you get a Prime style first person view. You can’t move when looking through Samus’ eyes, but you can shoot and do some good ol’ research scanning.

It’s action packed and has some mouth watering nods to Metroid games past, so check it out, then buy it on 27th… if you’re in the US that is.