Natal software will “surprise,” Greenberg says

The software that will be available for Project Natal in the first twelve months of its life cycle is likely to “surprise” the consumer, according to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, Xbox 360’s director of product management. The controller-less motion controller will offer a variety of experiences, he says, lifestyle and gaming experiences among them.

“The potential is tremendous and we have thought out the portfolio years in advance,” he told Edge. “I think people will be surprised even in the first year by the variety of experiences you’ll get. The beauty of Natal is that it brings you, male or female, young or old, an experience that everyone can enjoy.”

“Whether it’s gaming experiences or lifestyle experiences, everything we’re doing in the design is about thinking of a way anyone can step in front of it and be able to use it in a matter of seconds.”

It’s been speculated that Natal’s killer app may not actually be a game.

“Sure, we could have done a motion controller if we wanted to, but that’s not who we are,” Greenberg added. “We’re a team that makes big bets. Natal is a big bet, and we think it’s a game changer.”