Violence limits the potential of games, says Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto believes that violent games, such as Modern Warfare 2, are “limited” in their scope and “narrow down the potential of what video games can do.”

The Nintendo exec told CVG that the industry has a responsibility to change the mindset of the general public, by creating a wide range of experiences for gamers to express themselves. Not just make shooty face shooters.

While adding that he would not wish to dictate other designers’ creative processes, Miyamoto called for a more thoughtful approach, saying, “I think most importantly, from the viewpoint of the evolution of videogames, we have to be very careful about the very great potential videogames have as a way for people to express themselves.”

“Sometimes, games designers tend to focus their attention on a limited particular area of their expression. That is simply narrowing down the potential of what videogames can do.

“I really hope each individual creator has a wider view so they can appreciate and try to expand the potential of videogames.”