Why Sony didn’t go with Natal-like tech

At one time, Sony too was looking at camera-based motion technology like Microsoft’s Project Natal, R&D manager Dr. Richard Marks has revealed. However, having introduced their Wii-like motion controller at E3 last year, Sony clearly decided against such an approach; too much cost and not enough of the kind of experiences they wanted to offer the consumer, he says.

“We tried a lot of different 3D cameras,” Marks said on The Engadget Show. “I love the 3D camera technology; personally, I like the technology part of it. We worked closely with our game teams at what it would enable, and it enabled making the things we already did with EyeToy more robust, but it didn’t really enable as many new experiences as what we were hoping it would enable, so it made the things we were already able to do a little bit more robust — which is good — but it adds a lot of cost and it didn’t enable some of the other experiences we wanted to achieve.”

Microsoft is kicking off their E3 presence with a completely Natal-focused press conference on June 13 where it’s expected to reveal the final name, pricing, full line-up, and other details about the device.