Activision going through major reconstruction, split into four entities

It seems Activision has been keeping itself busy over the last couple of weeks by shaking things up internally. While there has been no official announcement, the LA Times reports that e-mails have been circulating the company detailing a major reconstruction of how it oversees its titles.

The publishing giant has essentially split itself into four separate divisions: One for everything Call of Duty, one for their other internally developed IPs such as Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, one for their licensed titles, and of course Blizzard Entertainment.

This shift has also caused some people to switch places and some titles to be changed. Thomas Tippi has gone from chief corporate officer to chief operating officer while publishing official Mike Griffith has been promoted to vice chairman. Executive vice president of owned properties Maria Stipp is in charge of all original IP except for Call of Duty and the Blizzard properties, and Blizzard will continue to just keep on doing their own thing.

As a part of the reconstruction, around fifteen Activision Corporate employees have been let go.