Thermonuclear attacks in Fable III?

Well, not quite. But according to Peter Molyneux, achieving the equivalent is possible.

In an interview with Inside Xbox, the Lionhead boss explained the not-quite-an-RPG‘s overhauled fighting mechanics, “We’ve got three buttons; one for swords, one for guns and one for magic. Each one of those buttons if you tap it, you get a very quick attack. If you hold it, you build up, and infinitely build up, a more powerful attack. And we don’t cap that so if you hold the button down for two hours you’re going to get, you know, a thermonuclear explosion of an attack.”

He’s talking about the actual power of the attack of course, we best not count on being able to be a walking, talking mushroom cloud generator.

But, “that’s true for guns, swords and magic.”