Valhalla focusing on a single project

Ex-Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki’s new Valhalla Game Studio is starting out one game at a time; The company will compete “in the field of mainstream, packaged games,” the Dead or Alive creator tells 1UP, “so it wouldn’t be effective to thin our ranks by dividing our 50-man staff into different projects.”

“However,” he adds, “we’ll probably start a new game near the end of the current project. In the long term, it doesn’t make sense for a company to only make one game, and so we’re also looking at preparations for the next few years.”

Details on the first game are are currently lacking at best. Itagaki only says that the project is created for the high-definition consoles, ‘which is what they’re good at,’ and is “one of a scale on which I have never worked on before”.

As the studio was announced earlier in the month, Itagaki promised the game to be “something that people have never seen before.”

An official announcement can be expected “soon”.