Duke Nukem Forever was to be finished today

Amidst all the April Fools Day foolery, there are some legitimate things to share today and this one’s no joke. According to former 2K Games producer Jason Bergman, today, April 1, 2010 was to be the date that Duke Nukem Forever was set to be finished.

The info came down through Bergman’s Twitter feed where he shared the insider information.

“MOMENT OF SILENCE PLEASE: by the 3DR/TTWO [3D Realms / Take-Two Interactive] development schedule, April 1st, 2010 was supposed to be the day Duke Nukem Forever went gold,” he said, later adding that the date was chosen on purpose, “Totally intentional. It was going to be hilarious.”

Ironic? Sure is. Hilarious? Well, you be the judge of that.