Will Wright’s new game is… a TV show

Will Wright, creator of Spore and a million ‘Sim‘ games, is working on a television series.

According to documents unearthed by IGN, the show is based around the creation of a TV series by the viewers themselves. Think of it as television 2.0.

Currently titled “The Creation Project”, the show will encourage viewers to submit ideas via online and mobile devices. Submissions are then voted on, with the best chosen to be developed into two half-hour episodes.

To aid users in presenting these ideas, Wright has designed a “StoryMaker” engine allowing the creation of storyboards. These can be completed from scratch, or via a number of pre-existing images.

Produced by Wright and Albie Hecht (former president of Spike TV and Nickelodeon) for Current, the show could be on screens by the end of 2010. The online component is expected to launch earlier in the year.

“The Creation Project” is Wright’s first publicly announced work since the release of Spore. The legendary designer left EA last year to form Stupid Fun Club, where Wright promised to “take the games industry into other areas.” Looks like he was as good as his word.