Think of Alan Wake DLC as “a Christmas special”

Alan Wake‘s post-launch content will act as a Christmas special of sorts, Remedy’s head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen tells Edge, and will give players a different perspective on what was seen in the boxed game; or Season 1 as they think of it.

“When you get Alan Wake in your hands, you can think of this as season one,” he told the magazine. “We’ll have a satisfactory and conclusive ending, but we’ll leave some doors open: we’ve planned for a bigger story arc.”

“You can think of the DLC as a Christmas special,” he continues, “something that will give you a different perspective on the stuff you’ve played in season one.”

Managing director Matias Myllyrinne has previously said they’re going to have “more than one episode come out this year,” after which they’re interested in doing “a large Season 2”.

The DLC episodes, Häkkinen says, “will be more of a bridge between season one and season two, should this first part be a success.”