Final Fantasy IX up next on the Playstation Network

Those paying attention probably saw this one coming; The PSN has already seen the release of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and even Tactics, so Final Fantasy IX seemed like a pretty safe bet.

Last week, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto hinted at a possible release by tweeting: “Thanks to everyone for your opinions on FFIX. Regarding an FFIX download release, everyone is so passionate about it that I’ll be proposing it at the next board meeting. Look forward to next week!” Well, it’s next week, and Square Enix head Honcho Yoichi Wada did the honors himself by posting a video of himself on twitter announcing their intentions to release Final Fantasy IX on the PSN.

No word on a release time frame for any region, but IX stands as my personal favorite in the series, and I always felt that it never got the attention it deserved due to launching on the PS1 in the middle of the PS2’s launch. Plus, it’s series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s favorite too, and that must account for something.