Greenberg: Third parties thrive on 360, struggle on Wii

In a recent interview with Edge, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg claimed that third-parties “have struggled” in developing games for the Wii. While it’s no secret, Greenberg has numerical data to back up his arguments: 70% of third-party developers have already signed on to create Project Natal-based games — an impressive figure, considering the motion-based Natal is still far from release.

Greenberg believes strong Natal support is based in the popularity of 360 platform, “A couple of things play into that: People know we’re a software company, we have the best tools and internal support; and second, people who buy Xbox 360 buy a lot of games. Third parties have really thrived on our platform. Look at Wii – while it’s done really well, third parties have struggled, so we’ve left a lot of room for people to believe in the ecosystem, and Natal is a part of that.”