Stealth an integral component of Splinter Cell: Conviction

Creative director Maxime Beland spoke with IndustryGamers recently and explained why Splinter Cell: Conviction will lure gamers back to the franchise: “If you look at the sales of Splinter Cell 1 versus Splinter Cell 4, they go a little bit down. So, our fantasy was good but we needed to approach it differently.” That different approach is taking the form of wholly revised stealth gameplay. Beland asserts that the shadows will be a new and interesting asset for Sam as he works his way through Conviction:

“We’re going to make stealth something you want to use. We want you to be a predator, not a grandmother. Being a grandmother before kind of forced you to be stealth. You need to hide in the shadows because if you’re seen, they shoot you and you’re dead.”

This kind of gameplay won’t hold for Conviction, as Beland asserts that the shadows become a true “tactical tool” for the player throughout the game. Sounds good to us, but did this guy just call Sam Fisher a grandmother? Yikes.