The MMO Round-up / April 4

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

The 1.07 Age of Conan update goes live, Crom approves.

The virtual goods market grows and lite MMOs like FarmVille predicted to grow to a $3 billion dollar industry by 2015.

News from PAX East brings us a in-depth preview of Fallen Earth’s 1.4 patch. Looks quite radiant.

Bill Roper is down but not out and made Cryptic’s CCO. Jake Emmert was moved to the COO position. What does this mean for us gamers? Not much.

Famed baseball pitcher Curt Schilling has all his eggs in one basket, as a majority of his savings are now invested in 38 Studios. Lets hope for his family’s sake that Copernicus is a huge hit.

EVE Online ship insurance changes are coming down the line in Tyrannis. Art imitating life?

City of Heroes adds in some demon summoning. While you’re at it you might as well check out an interview with lead designer Melissa Bianco.

We know you’ve been craving a Final Fantasy XI iPhone app, so have at it.

Senior Producer for Everquest II, Brenlo, talks about the future of the game and possible changes coming down the line.

Darkfall to change clan bindstones and adding in clan transportation chambers, try not to explode with excitement.

The March producer’s letter for Warhammer Online reveals some nifty details for the upcoming update.

Welcome to Second Live 2.0. Enjoy your stay.

Do you like gameplay footage? We typically do. How about if it’s gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIV? Thought so.

MapleStory’s Dragon Master Evan questline update has hit the live servers, our 2D selves go bonkers.

The latest developer diary for Champions Online gives a nice, big burly hug to the melee classes.

Free Realms hits 1 year and 10 million players, not a bad wrap indeed.

Sneaky peaky at Everquest II’s Halas Reborn update.