Will hardcore gamers like Sony’s moves best?

Sony marketing executive Peter Dille believes that hardcore gamers “look down their nose” on motion controlled gaming. That is to say, they look down on Nintendo’s motion controlled gaming. What they’re all truly pining for is a more accurate, more advanced motion control scheme like the PS3’s forthcoming Move. Dille explained that Wii gaming for hardcore players is “not particularly satisfying for them because it’s not terribly precise or challenging, it’s more social.”

Does this then mean that the PlayStation Move will not accomodate social experiences? Of coures not. Quoth Dille, “We’ll have games that the whole family can play that are very social , but we’ll also be able to do hard-core gamer games via a motion device that has never been done before. It’s too early to say what the killer app or signature game is but we’ll continue through the spring and late summer before we make a decision on which game is the poster child or the best one to move the Move.”

A more accurate control scheme appealing to hardcore gamers while also drawing in casual, social gaming, all in a package that’s more fun and rewarding than the Wii? Which, if any, of Peter Dille’s promises will Move ultimately deliver?