Great deal on Mass Effect 1 and 2

Ever been an early adopter of a new videogame, and several months later you see a deal posted for some kind of great sale on that game, and then kick yourself for having paid full price?

Okay, me either…if I’m shelling out the big bucks for a game it’s because I really want it and can’t stand waiting, but patience can certainly be a virtue when it comes to making your purchases.¬† is currently running a deal on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360 for $50.

Considering these games are chapters of the same saga, getting both of them for less than the release day price of either game individually is pretty insane. Considering that the ability to import save files from Mass Effect into the sequel is one of the most innovative pieces of RPG programming we’ve ever seen, we owe it to ourselves to play through the first game before beginning the second.

I won’t kick myself for having dropped $120 on these, but I’m still jealous of all of you that jump on board with a deal like this; and no, I don’t get any cut of the sales, if you’re wondering.