Natal to sell “millions and millions,” will highlight unique experiences

Microsoft is expecting to sell “millions and millions” of Project Natals this holiday season, according to Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg. And they’re hoping to get there by highlighting the controller-less motion controller’s unique and original launch line-up.

“Our focus for launch [for Natal] is on original experiences, built from the ground up,” Greenberg told Edge. “We believe that’s important because the first impression has to be a magical one.

“But because we expect millions and millions of these things to be sold this Christmas, over time developers will know millions of customers have these sensors so they can add functionality to their games.”

There may be “hybrid approaches” available, he adds, “but our initial focus is on those unique experiences.”

What those unique experiences exactly are should be revealed in a few months’ time; the company is kicking off its E3 festivities with a Natal-focused media gathering on June 13.