Oddly timed 3DS announcement made to prevent a leak?

Really, it was just kind of a weird little announcement for Nintendo. Right before the DSi XL hits the market, all of the sudden they’re saying “This will be old soon!” Anyone who follows anything knows things get obsolete, but the timing of the 3DS’s announcement was just plain odd. Billy Pigeon, a senior analyst at M2 Research felt the same, and talked a bit about it, sharing some suspicions.

“Apparently, the Japanese press was all over it and talked with suppliers there and Nintendo just wanted to get out ahead by breaking the news to prevent a leak…”

Nothing is hard fact, but sounds like a very possible scenario, especially when you consider the incredibly awkward timing, and that some of our “known” details are from Japanese sources. When asked if this will affect the DSi XL, Pigeon says a simple “yes it does.”

“The XL is old news, however, in Japan – and Nintendo is a very Japan-centric organization. This is just the corporate parent in Japan maybe not acting in the best interest of Nintendo of America.”

It’s an interesting chain of events. The one thing that I can’t shake out of my mind is that we really don’t know all that much about the new machine besides the fact that it’s glasses-free 3D and has some use of force feedback. While it sounds neat, it’s not exactly a hype machine right there. On the other hand, the DSi XL did indeed get a bit shorted stateside, so whether that smidge of info will have a large or small effect… guess we’ll find out soon enough.