Pieces for Jaffe’s next ‘falling into place’

David Jaffe’s new game still has “a long way to go,” the game maker has recently said, but the pieces for the Eat Sleep Play project are slowly beginning to fall into place.

“I have not been this busy in a looong while. And it’s really, really good. I love being slammed when the stuff we’re slammed with are real, concrete game making tasks,” the God of War creator writes on his personal blog.

“This phase of the game is fantastic, where the pieces SLOWLY start falling into place and you- finally- begin to get glimpses of what you wanted the game to be from the very start. Still a long way to go and still not close to having the game of our dreams yet but we’re working our asses off to get there….”

While the game is believed to be a new Twisted Metal, actual facts are (very) thin on the ground; the only close to tangible thing said about it is that it falls somewhere “between God of War and Calling All Cars“. E3, maybe?