THQ ‘doesn’t have an Infinity Ward yet’

THQ is still on the lookout for its equivalent to Activision’s Infinity Ward; Saints Row and Red Faction developer Volition is the closest they’ve come, core games division VP Danny Bilson says.

“I don’t have an Infinity Ward yet. Volition is my flagship, they are my most experienced, veteran and most mature studio,” he told CVG. “Volition is awesome but when I have someone doing 10 million units then I’ll have an Infinity Ward.”

He continued: “I love [Volition], Relic is an awesome studio, Vigil is an awesome studio – where I just came from. There’s a great creative center there; Darksiders was a really cool first game for them and the MMO look[s] ridiculous.”

Bilson also recently touched on two of Volition’s upcoming sequels; The next Red Faction, he says, has “insane upgrades” while Saints Row 3 and its new tech are “mind-blowing“.