Anamanaguchi providing music for Scott Pilgrim videogame

From Street Fighter to Xenogears to Soul Calibur, the latest trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World wears its videogame credentials on its sleeve, setting the bar pretty high for the actual videogame being developed alongside the comic-cum-movie. Thankfully, Ubisoft Montreal has assembled a team of impressive gaming pedigree to bring the side-scroller to life, with Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fighter 2006‘s Paul Robertson handling the graphics and chiptune musicians Anamanaguchi handling the music.

As announced at PAX East, the masters of nostalgic NES musical stylings will be writing and performing the game’s soundtrack. For those not familiar with Anamanaguchi’s high-fructose blend of blistering guitars and basic waveforms, their live performance of the game’s theme should give you a taste of their much deserved status among chiptune culture’s elite. This is seriously a match made in gamer heaven. Words cannot express how excited I am that my favorite 8-bit punk band, whose songs are all built around the cascading squarewaves of a hacked 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System, are actually going to have their music immortalized in an 8-bit inspired videogame animated by my favorite sprite artist. Anamanaguchi + Paul Robertson = Geekgasm.

If you don’t already have them in your music player of choice’s regular rotation, the band’s 2009 release, Dawn Metropolis, is currently available on iTunes and their 2006 debut EP, Power Supply , is currently available as a free download courtesy of 8bitpeoples.