iPad sells 300k on day one, connection issues cited

In case you missed your local news broadcast where they sent the channel’s least internally liked reporter to stand at your local mall to document the event, the iPad has launched. And it sold over 300,000 units on day one. If you’re Steve Jobs, this is great news, but plenty of not so great news is coming from numerous early adopters.

It seems the iPad is having serious connection issues with many customers reporting incredibly weak signals and slow downloads, even on high speed wi-fi signals that connect fine to other devices.

Techcrunch editor Micheal Arlington is one of those early adopters, and he’s having the same problem, but he fears the problems might be a design flaw. “My understanding of wi-fi issues on devices, particularly cramped devices like the MacBook Air and iPad, is that it’s usually a hardware/design issue and something that can’t be fixed via a software patch.” Uh-oh.