Splinter Cell: Conviction demo shows off emergent AI, is “nerve wracking”

A demo for an upcoming game can be a bittersweet event for the developer. Even Splinter Cell: Conviction, the newest addition to the Tom Clancy videogame library, isn’t immune from the “nerve-wracking,” as creative director Maxime Beland puts it, experience of releasing a demo.

“It’s like the first time you’re basically naked in front of everyone when they get to play the game,” he describes.

Even though Ubisoft may be worried about what gamers think when seeing the game for the first time, Beland assures that the demo shows off one of the Conviction’s strongest points in the “emergent AI,” which lends itself to high replay value.

“Because it’s not scripted you can really play the way you want and the AI’s going to react to whatever you’re doing. So you can try to play a little bit more stealth, or a little bit less stealth if you’re less into that.”

The feedback for that “was great,” he adds.